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“The Amy Poehler and Tina Fey of Canadian Clowning”

- Globe and Mail


Performance and therapeutic

With twenty years experience performing and creating clown work, Heather, is most well known for her work with the Award Winning clown duo, Morro and Jasp. She has trained in physical theatre, Le Jeu, Bouffon, and both European and Canadian (Pochinko) style clowning with a range of teachers including; Phillipe Gaulier, John Turner, Mike Kennard, Pete Jarvis, Francine Cote, Olivier-Hugues Terreault, Jon Davison, and Sonia Noris. 




Morro and Jasp 

Heather is Co-Artistic Director of U.N.I.T. Productions, home of clown/comedy duo Morro and Jasp. With clown and writing partner, Amy Lee, and collaborator Byron Laviolette, Heather has co-created eleven Morro and Jasp shows. The duo has won a Dora Mavor Moore Award for Best Performance (2 nominations for Best New Play, and Best Production), a Jenny Award, and a Canadian Comedy Award for Best Act (2 noms for Best Play). 


Their YA shows, GO Green, and The Bully Show (in partnership with Mixed Company Theatre) toured theatres and schools across Canada. In 2015, they began writing shows for adult audiences and have since created __ full length shows, and three short plays, In a Pickle (LabCab), Lost and Found (Magnetic North), and __ (Theatre Gargantua). Their shows have toured across the country and internationally  including The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Vienna Clownin Festival, and the Red Pearl Festival in Helsinki, Finland. 

The team has co-produced and written two Morro and Jasp short films: Behind the Nose, Rise and Shine, and a TV pilot, The End is Nigh, as well as numerous comedy shorts available online.  They also created a storytelling video game, Unscripted (Official selection of Different Games) and a comedy cookbook, Eat Your Heart Out with Morro and Jasp (Nominated for a Gourmand Cookbook Award).


They are currently pitching a Morro and Jasp web-series and developing a interactive, theatrical adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. 







Therapeutic Clowning

Heather has been a therapeutic clown for adults and elders in long term care for almost twenty years. She has also done therapeutic clowning for birthing and IVF.


She currently works with Kathleen LeRoux, offering professional therapeutic clown services in several long-term care facilities throughout the GTA. 

Clown Teacher/Coach

Heather teaches clown in school and workshop settings, as well as private coaching. She has taught at Brock University, Second City, at theatre and clown festivals in Canada and internationally, as well as corporate functions. Email if you are interested in setting up a workshop or class. 

"The crowned queens of clown"

-Eye Weekly

"Bonafide Canadian starlets... a comic team that is just about impossible to dislike"

-The Visitorium

"They are masters of the craft. 

-Mooney on Theatre

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