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About Me.

I am a Takatonto based artist with mixed settler and First Nations ancestry (Scottish, French and Mi'kMaq). As someone who has a wide range of interests, and wonderings, and talents I firmly believe in being a Master of none, and forever learning what other trades to find Jack hiding in. I have been a playwright, theatre creator, actor for film and TV, and clown and comedy maker/perfromer for over twenty years.

I love collaboration, comedy is my home, if you ever want to dream up a concept for a new project I'm your gal, and I believe play is the answer to almost anything. 


Other interest include all things music, funny stuff that dogs do, a great book and needle felting (because of the old lady that lives inside me), and any kind of adventure, especially if it involves nature (ie camping and anything surrounding camping). 


Reach out and let's share some ideas. You never know when a new project will be born out of a coffee (I also have a deep love for coffee) and a good chat. 

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